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Quick & Easy Fixes for Home Furnaces

Nov 16

Is your home furnace acting up? Before calling a professional for
heating repair Manatee, FL, there are a few things you can check and fix for yourself. By troubleshooting the issue and trying some quick repairs, you can get your unit up and running again without having to pay for an expensive service call.

  • Inspect the Furnace Filter

A dirty or clogged filter makes your furnace run less efficiently and puts added strain on the motor, which can eventually cause a breakdown. So before turning on the heat this winter, make sure to check your furnace filter.

Start by turning off the power to your furnace by flipping the breaker switch in your home's main service panel. Remove the door from the front of your furnace, then the old filter. Replace with a new air filter that meets your unit's specifications. Finally, close the furnace door and turn on the power to your unit.

Heating repair Manatee, FL specialists recommend checking and changing the filter as needed. If you have a reusable filter, rinse it off with warm water and allow it to dry completely before putting it back in place.

  • Check the Thermostat Settings

Recently noticed a sudden drop in heat? Is your home not heating up quickly when the thermostat says it should be? It might be time to check your thermostat settings! Ensure the power to your system is turned off by flipping the breaker switch in the main service panel.

Remove the cover from your furnace's thermostat and set the temperature to a higher number than what you had it set at previously. Put the cover back on. Turn on the power to your furnace and check that it's heating up properly now.

  • Clean Debris Around the Outdoor Unit

If you have a gas furnace, it can be found outside your home in an enclosure. This unit has a coil that should be kept free of debris or obstructions. If there's too much build-up around the outdoor unit, it could cause it to malfunction and not heat properly. 

Before winter sets in, take some time to clean away any leaves, branches, or other debris that might be in the way. A heating repair Manatee, FL professional can also help you with that!

  • Inspect the Flue Pipe and Chimney

As with other appliances, any blocked or damaged flue pipe on the furnace can lead to a breakdown in functionality. You may eventually find yourself dealing with poor indoor quality or, worse, a carbon monoxide leak or fire.

With the power to your unit turned off, remove the door from your gas-powered unit. You may also have to remove a weather cap from the top. Inspect your flue pipe and chimney for damage or debris buildup that could be causing problems.

Now's the time to get ready for winter by performing a few quick and easy fixes on your home furnace. The tips above can help you address some of the most common issues and save money for heating repair Manatee, FL costs. Remember to always turn off the power to your unit before performing any repair tasks.

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