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The Reserve Residences design of the building is characterized by vertical greenery which forms an integral part of its facade

Jun 9

The Reserve Residences is an integrated development that will comprise 700 residences as well as 150 services buildings. This development includes two million square feet of commercial space and an 8-acre plaza with an underground pedestrian bridge which connects to the Beauty World station of MRT. The concept of design for the site was considered to be the most appealing overall design and that's for the bidder to be chosen to receive the largest amount of money in the bidding. The concept of the plan was submitted for consideration by the Far East Organization, which particularly was focused on the urban design that was planned for this site and the various possibilities it has to provide. This was a strategy that worked to improve the climate of the region.

It is situated in The Reserve Residences close to Bukit Timah's Nature Park. It will comprise the highest of 36 floors, with retail and offices on the lower levels and apartments on the higher levels. It is anticipated that the Reserve Residences' mix will be similar to Bukit Timah's Timah Shopping Center. Bukit Timah Mall. The mall is planned to form an amazing ring of vegetation which will be surrounded by the mall, as well as public areas and transportation hubs.

Reserve Residences are situated in a prime spot near MRT Beauty World. MRT Beauty World station is just a few stops away from. The development is close to the station, which forms the foundation for MRT Beauty World and will offer a range of luxury retail zones. It will include an extensive shopping center. The Reserve Residences will be located close to numerous prestigious universities, including the highly-regarded Nanyang Institute of Technology. People who live in the Residences can enjoy spa facilities along with fitness facilities and gyms.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has issued a request to proposals to bid on Reserve Residences in Singapore. The project is located in an area that is prime and located within 6 minutes from Mountbatten MRT Station. Five developers have submitted bids. The five developers will review the bids on a variety of factors, such as location and facilities and also cost. The proposal with the greatest chances for success is chosen to be the next stage.

One of the most prosperous regions within Singapore, Bukit Timah has been a constant witness to the wealth of this renowned and prosperous region. Bukit Timah is home to a variety of iconic landmarks that serve as the backdrop to one of the most renowned lifestyles. The project is located near Bukit Timah's Beauty World station on the MRT. The development will also have a new bus interchange and the access point to Bukit Timah's library. The Reserve Residences is a lavish home designed to bring peace and relaxation at the highest of the line.

Reserve Residences is an mixed-use property located near the historical Goh & Goh Building. The project is anticipated to be 36 levels tall with commercial spaces on lower levels and housing units on the top level. This building is anticipated to have similar dimensions similar to the one at Bukit Timah's Timah shopping Centre. Bukit Timah shopping center. Total site will cover 3.22 acres and the gross plot ratio of 3.1. The development will comprise of the creation of a walkway which will be connected straight to the Beauty World's Metro station.

The development is situated near MRT station BBR which is in the process of being built. The project will have retail and office spaces as well as apartments which will be served by. The amenities nearby include malls and parks for schools and also centers. It's an excellent choice for teenagers due to its closeness to a wide range of amenities. Beauty World Metro Station is only a few steps away from the property. It's home to a variety of parks which are privately owned as well as government-owned.

Reserve Residences can be described as an urban-focused neighborhood that is mixed-use , and is located near Station A, which is a part of the Beauty World Metrorail. Reserve Residences was granted a 99-year leasehold site. The project will feature commercial and residential spaces in a ratio of 60:40. The development was planned by The Far East Organization, which is a developer with its headquarters in Hong Kong, is one of the developers behind the development. The property will be spread over 32,185 square meter (about 3464,436 sq feet) ).

The team is part of the Far East Organization Far East Organization that aims to contribute to improving the lives of their clients and customers. Their dedication to their cause is evident through the recognition they've been awarded during their eleventh Fifiabci World Prix d'Excellence awards which is the most valuable distinction in property. Far East plans to offer high-end, affordable and luxurious residences for people who reside close to MRT Beauty World Station. MRT Beauty World Station.

A fresh mixed-use property is currently being constructed in eastern part of Singapore. This project has been planned by The Far East Organization and Jalan Anak Bukit This project will offer a variety of amenities and services. The prices haven't been announced yet, however, developers are in the process of acquiring a 3.22-hectare area of land. When the project is completed it will be built in 2019.