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When It Comes To Boiler Room Solutions, Make The Best Choice You Can

May 3

Over the course of 68 years of service, Cleaver-Brooks Sales & Service has become a one-stop shop for all of your new boiler and heating system needs. CBSS' factory-trained staff provides engineering, industrial, field project, and local field services. Maintenance and aftermarket support are available for all products, regardless of who made them in the first place.

CBSS is a solid option for boiler system designs, repair, or optimization. As a result of their extensive training and experience, the CBSS boiler repair specialists are well-suited to handle any situation involving boiler repair, whether it's an integrated system or a complete retrofit.

There's a full range of boiler services provided by the company, as well as the ability to provide and install any necessary equipment. Boilers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, and other boiler system components of any size or model can be serviced by CBSS. Fast response is also provided by 150 fully-equipped vehicles and 24-hour support, including on-call supervisors, technicians and mechanics, seven days a week.

Boiler mechanics, ASME-code welders, rig welders, and pipefitters make up the core of the CBSS special project teams in the field. For example, they can be installed at a single location or spread across the country and the world. According to the National Board Inspection Code, the organization offers emergency boiler repairs as well as carbon steel and high alloy repairs and adjustments (NBIC).

While complying to all applicable codes, the in-house engineering and drawing department of CBSS utilizes cutting-edge technology in order to meet customer requirements. Some of the engineering services available include tube drawing, electrical and automation, combustion and environmental controls, project management and organization, and value engineering options and approaches.

Equipment sales and rentals: CBSS carries burners for all boiler types and has the industry's broadest assortment of fully integrated boilers. This includes heat recovery devices and controls; water systems; exhaust solutions; and other replacement parts. Customers can also rent boilers from the company in case their needs change or if an emergency arises.

With over 4,000 items in stock and ready to ship from one of CBSS's 13 warehouses the following day, the network's aftermarket division is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week. OEM specifications were followed in the development and production of these parts. Kits, accessories, and hardware are available, as are gaskets, gauges, impellers, motors, pumps, refractory, tubes, and valves. The company sells new and refurbished boiler doors, pretreatment and feedwater parts, and maintenance equipment.

Our tubular goods include a wide range of standard and custom-designed tubes and tube assemblies. Its extensive tooling inventory enables it to produce tubes for virtually any model.