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When to Replace Your Thermostat?

Mar 25

heating replacementAn HVAC system is one of the most popular equipment among households in Canada as it can keep you and your family warm, especially when the long cold season arrives.

But for your heating unit to operate smoothly, each component must be in tip-top shape. The thermostat is one that you cannot afford to overlook. Since it serves as your line of communication to your furnace, it’s necessary to replace it every time it gets faulty.

However, most homeowners in Quebec don’t know when to invest in a new thermostat until their existing unit’s repair problem becomes more extensive.  But there is nothing to worry about. Here are some signs that you need a new thermostat or heating replacement in Dorval, QC, in general.

Residential Heating Sensor Doesn’t Work

Most thermostats are available with a sensor, and sad to say, it’s one of the furnace’s parts that gets broken easily, caused by humidity or even just dust collecting on the heating or cooling system sensor. Sometimes, it can be repaired. But if that does not work, you can consider a heating replacement in Dorval, QC, to bring back your home comfort.

It Feels Hot

Even though most people think they’re saving money on heating by turning down their furnaces at night, leaving them at a high temperature throughout the day actually causes the unit to work harder and can put your health at risk.

For more practical tips on how to get the most out of your thermostat or HVAC system as a whole, don’t hesitate to contact a trusted contractor for a heating replacement in Dorval, QC.

It Loses Its Regulating Capacity

Similar to any other electronic device, a thermostat is more likely to lose its regulating ability and become unable to maintain a steady temperature after some time. Several factors are considered, including low voltage, humidity levels rising due to poor air circulation inside the house, or a dust buildup on the thermostat’s internal units.

Strange Behavior 

Is your thermostat giving confusing instructions? Or does it start to behave strangely? If yes, this may signify that you need a new thermostat. But how to get started? It’s always wise to contact an experienced heating service company.

Pilot Light has Gone Out

When trying to turn on the furnace in your home and find that the pilot light doesn’t work as it should be, this is usually an indication that it's time for a replacement and checking whether or not the gas supplies are still flowing to your heating equipment.

Unexpectedly High Electric Bills

Even though you may not feel that your heating bill is off this year, it doesn't mean that the thermostat is working correctly. If your electric costs have increased drastically, it’s something you cannot take lightly. So, you can call a local HVAC contractor with vast expertise in heating replacement in Dorval, QC right away for assistance.

You Can't Turn Off the Heat

Is your furnace constantly heating, although you’ve turned down the temperature on your thermostat as far as it will go? If so, there might be something wrong with its internal mechanisms. Or, there may be no power going into the device or vice versa.

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