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Air conditioning tips for the hottest days of summer

Feb 2

Is the thought of depending on your air conditioner to stay cool making you sweat? These are some ways to keep cool, save money, and eliminate your old air conditioner.


According to Google, the website, running a window air conditioner for the entire summertime will cost you around $300. Which room will you choose? How about the bedroom? It could be your home office. How about your living room? If summer is here, do everyone in your family gather around the loud, dripping, and squeaky machine? Are there ever complaints about how cold your house is and how Heating and Cooling Colorado Springs has done this job flawlessly?


CFLs and LEDs are the ideal choices. If you're looking for another reason this is one. About 90% of the energy consumed by incandescent bulbs is lost as heat. While CFLs and LEDs will just have a slight impact on your home's temperature, they also save (more) electricity.


  • Breathe in the fresh air. It is a good idea to open your windows at night. If you live in a neighborhood that is noisy, use a fan for white noise. It'll be more efficient than an AC unit. You can also enjoy the sounds of peepers and crickets as you sleep if you live in the country. They'll enchant you to sleep.

  • Shut the curtains. It will be cool air in the morning. But as the sun rises, and temperatures begin to rise, you should close the curtains. When your house has taken the coldest air as you can, shut the doors and then open the blinds to keep the temperature warm. It may seem counterintuitive, but your morning self will be thankful.

  • Remove the stove and sit back and relax in the warmth of the flame. It's not the best way to end the day by heating up the temperature of a big appliance to 350 degrees inside your home.

  • The chill is a bit more pronounced in the freezer. Put the new cotton sheets in the freezer before you go to your bed. Relax on a freshly made, cool-to-the-touch bed.

  • Airflow can be used in new ways. Think again if you thought fans were only for blowing air in. Inject all the hot air from your window fan by turning it around. If you position windows on opposite sides, the hot air will be pulled out and cool air drawn in. Test different designs to find the best one for your space. If you're lucky enough you'll find the most efficient standard- across breeze --

  • Get back to your roots. To the left of the fan, but the large bowl or roasting pan full of ice. The breeze will transport the cold air along with you. It was the way it was prior to air conditioning and it worked!


Do you want to go down one gallon? 'Fill 'er up,' says the narration. Your body requires water to stay cool, which is why it is essential to drink plenty of fluids all day long. It is normal for your body to sweat at times.

Use ice water to shower. It's energizing, saves energy, and studies have shown that it will help you become more productive overall.

Unplug. Disconnecting (rather than just shutting off) electronics at night will lower the temperature in your home and will save you the cost of electricity.


These tips will ensure that you are cool even when temperatures rise above 80 degrees. But be sure to consider the bigger picture. The money can be used to plant trees and vines in your yard or build blinds for your windows. Although $300 might seem like a lot in the summer months, bear in mind that, collectively we can have an important difference in the amount of energy use.

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