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Dec 1

Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions

Air conditioners need to be maintained to work at their best. Air conditioners that aren't maintained properly will have trouble.


Your air conditioner doesn't need to stop working. To identify common problems with central and window air conditioners, we enlisted the assistance of experts in air conditioning and Consumer Reports tester engineers. Eight issues were identified by them. Our recommendations for the best air conditioners in small, medium, or large rooms will also be available.


These are eight questions you should ask to keep your air conditioner in Cleveland working at its best. The No. It turns out that the No.


1. Is your filter blocked?

No matter what type of air conditioner you use, a blocked filter can block airflow and reduce the unit's ability to cool the air efficiently. You should clean your portable or window air conditioner filter regularly. The manufacturer will give you recommendations about when it should be replaced in central air conditioning systems. In CR's tests, HVAC (heating ventilation, and air conditioning) filters lasted between three and twelve months.


You will need to change your filters more often if your central heating system is constantly running. Stewart Unsdorfer of Central Heating & Air Conditioning, Cleveland, says that nine out of ten times when we receive calls about central air systems not working properly, it is because of a dirty filter.


2. Is it too hot?

Your air conditioner will need to work harder to cool your room if it is near a window that gets direct sunlight during the day. You can move it to a more shaded location if you wish. To keep the sun from heating your home, make sure you keep your drapes and shades drawn throughout the day.


3. Is warm air leaking in?

To ensure that no cold or hot air is getting in, check the seals around your window conditioner. Weatherstripping can be used to seal the area around your unit.


Chris Regan, senior air conditioner tester at CR, explains that most new window units have insulating panels that attach over the side panels. To maximize efficiency, weather stripping should be applied around the unit's exterior. Use the safety hardware and installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.


4. Is your window air conditioner vibrating?

An air conditioner makes a lot of noise from the buzzing fan and the sound produced by the compressor turning on and off. If your unit vibrates it could be that the installation was incorrect. To make sure that it stays in place, check the instructions in your owner's guide.

5. Is your thermostat set at the right temperature? A smart or programmable thermostat can control the temperature of your home so that it is pleasant when you are home and warm when you are not. The thermostat should not be in direct sunlight if it is not reading the correct temperature.


6. Are your registers dirty or clogged? To eliminate dust accumulation, if you have forced-air heating or cooling, vacuum the registers regularly. You must ensure that there is nothing that restricts the airflow, such as furniture or any other objects.


7. Are there too many plants on the compressor? The outdoor central air compressor must have adequate airflow to function properly. To do this, you should leave at least 2 feet between the compressor and any structures or plants. You should leave a clearance of at least 5 feet between the top of the unit and any trees that may be above it.


8. Are you able to recall your annual physical exam? An HVAC professional can identify any serious issues before they get worse and cause you to become hot and irritated. The expert will examine all moving parts and the refrigerant, and if necessary, it will refresh the system.


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